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I ♥ Today!

Today is a very special day. It is the Feast of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and what that means is that we set aside a day, both liturgically and within our spirits, to celebrate, contemplate and honor the beeeeeutiful Heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Without it, we just have no hope. God, our Father and Creator, from before time began fashioned this Heart to be our remedy, refuge and the source of our redemption and reconciliation with Him.

So think about it… it’s BECAUSE of THIS Heart that we are healed, sealed, saved and secure in the knowledge that GOD IS IN LOVE WITH US! (24 and 7 for all eternity!)

Isn’t that awesome? No wonder we are called to welcome, honor and live in and through His Sacred Heart…It is certainly FITTING that we would give this Heart a place of honor in our homes, our own hearts and our lives!

There is a way to do that through Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. This devotion is not just for today or for the month of June or for your grandmother and days gone by. NO! This devotion is real, lasting, true and vitally important for our times, right now today!

We need the protection, guidance, goodness and practical assistance of Jesus in our homes and families today. There are powers of darkness and forces of evil that want to destroy families and God’s good people. The Sacred Heart devotion is a means to build up a culture of life and shore up our families.

There are COUNTLESS stories of how Jesus has made good on the Promises associated with this devotion and how practicing this devotion is changing, healing and helping families today!

Many are shared by the founder of the Sacred Heart Apostolate, the late Mrs. Gloria Anson, who spent 47 years bringing Jesus to thousands through Enthronements and Sacred Heart Missions around the world in the book above.


1) Visit to learn more about Enthronement, or Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus contact the Sacred Heart Apostolate 2) Host a Sacred Heart Mission or Day of Reflection at your Parish 3) Explore how to become a promoter of the Sacred Heart 4) Visit your local Catholic bookstore and ask for materials by Rev. Frances Larkin, St. Margaret Mary, Fr. Claude Columbiere, Cardinal Burke and Monsignor John Esseff 5) Go here to check out the Essential Guide to the Sacred Heart:

BECAUSE JESUS SAID: "Learn of Me for I am meek and humble of heart" ~ Matthew 11:29

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