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Words of Wisdom

'Take no notice of that feeling you get

of wanting to leave off in the middle of your prayer,

but praise the Lord for the desire you have to pray.

That, you may be sure, comes from your will

which loves to be with God.

It is just melancholy that oppresses you

and gives you the feeling of constraint. Try occasionally,

when you feel yourself oppressed in that way,

to go to some place where you can see the sky,

and walk up and down a little...

It is essential that the soul be led gently.' St. Teresa of Avila

I needed to hear these words of encouragement from St. Teresa today! Though deeply mystical and a Doctor of the Church, she is always good for some homespun practical wisdom to get us through long days or long stretches of aridity in prayer. She confirms that in some ways our wanting to pray but not knowing how or getting distracted in the midst of trying can be prayers in themselves. And the older I get, the more I have come to realized that "getting up and walking around" is sound advice for solving alot of life's problems. A change of scene and focus does a soul good.
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