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Have you been blessed today?

Lately, I have been making it a point to stop every time I see someone standing on a street corner with a sign asking for money. This past week, with better weather, I have had many occasions to do so.

What amazes me most about these encounters is that every time, without fail, the other person looks me straight in the eye and offers a heartfelt ‘God Bless You’. These blessings really resonate in my heart because they are neither rote nor random but instead offer a rare moment of connection- eye to eye and heart to heart. And it makes me wonder, who is ministering to who in those moments?

It takes a lot of hope to stand on a street corner and beg for a little human compassion from passersby. It also takes courage to look people in the eye and humility to be genuinely grateful. It seems I have much to learn from these friends on the street.

I have also discovered that when you commit to being an ambassador of God’s hope to others, He finds a way to bring it back around. It is true that the more you give, the lighter your own burden becomes, but don’t miss the opportunities that God arranges for you to receive His love in the most unlikely of ways. He is everywhere, waiting. God Bless you!

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