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Welcome to the St. Michael's Ministry
--   Who is Like to God? --

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We are a pilgrim people, longing for a deep, personal union with the God Who made us for Himself.  With hearts that “are restless until they rest in Him,” we make our way on a journey that brings us to the threshold of eternity and the embrace of God.


This incomparable life journey and goal -- to draw so near to our heavenly Father -- is not without obstacles, setbacks and even occasional dangers.  How could it be otherwise, for so momentous an undertaking?


Yet, perhaps these very difficulties attest most convincingly to the divine love and providence surrounding us:



As part of REVIVE Hope and Healing Ministries, Inc., St. Michael’s Ministry introduces St Michael the Archangel as an especially powerful and important agent of God in our present time, raises awareness, encourages lively devotion, and highlights the St. Michael Chaplet for the intercession of all the holy angels.  



The holy Angels whom a merciful Father has assigned each of us shall escort us on this journey; they go before us protecting

       and defending and leading us in this life . . .Fr. Pascale Parente

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