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For nothing will be impossible with God.  Luke 1:37 
The Revive Hope and Healing Unbound Team is glad to announce that they are able to meet with anyone ( using a virtual platform)  needing an Unbound  session that is not in our immediate area.

UNBOUND is a gentle form of healing and deliverance prayer developed by Neal Lozano, Executive Director of Heart of the Father Ministries. Its focus is to deeply listen to the story and heart of each individual. 

UNBOUND  is a safe, loving, effective prayer model that helps people to respond to the

Good News of the Gospel by using "five keys".


 The Five Keys are:

 Repentance and Faith




  The Father’s Blessing

Examples of situations where Unbound prayer can be an effective solution for individuals :

Habitual sin
Marital/family discord
Inability to forgive
Relationship struggles
Persistently negative view of God or self
Chronic fear, anxiety or sadness
Stalled spiritual life
Anywhere in your life where you feel “stuck” and desire greater freedom

Unbound Ministry is a vital part of the new evangelization because, through a simple method of prayer based on the Gospel, it helps us help others in moving beyond their spiritual obstacles into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. This model of deliverance reflects the power of our baptism, which moves us from darkness into the kingdom of God. It promises to be a very fruitful tool in the hands of priests and those involved in parish ministry.”                   Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M., Cap.

You may reach the REVIVE Hope and Healing Unbound Prayer Team at - (315) 628-1713  (state your name and you will be connected to a confidential voicemail. Please leave your message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.)

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