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Let not your Heart be Troubled

His Heart is calling you...

When the world around us seems to be in chaos, it reminds us of how small we truly are and how little control we actually have - and for those of us who follow Christ, that's a good thing. It's hard to imagine anything but this world and our place in it but Jesus calls us to a higher place, a better way and a Kingdom of God that is promised to those who are "poor in spirit." When we "set our minds on things above" our spirits can settle into the reality that we are here, but we are not OF HERE and that makes an enormous difference in how to respond to the chaos.

Bottom line, fear is very bad motivator for action and the only thing that can cast it out is "perfect love." (1John 4:18) And where does that perfect love come from? It comes from the Heart of Jesus.

Take 10 minutes to contemplate his heart. Maybe you can google an image or use the one above to fix your eyes, mind and heart on HIS HEART to the exclusion of all outside "noise."

Heart to Heart:

Why do you think that Jesus points to His heart? What is he trying to tell you, if you but take the time to listen? How will you find truth, rest and peace in that Heart? What has that heart been through for you? What do you want to give to that heart? What is the meaning of the flames that surround HIs Heart for you?

Jesus said, "Fear not, my peace I give you." Will you take it? Will you let HIs Heart beat for yours, triumph over the fear and transform your life? Ten minutes. Start there.

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