• Anne Costa

At this moment....

What is the cry of your heart?

If God could tell you one thing (besides that He loves you eternally) that would ease your mind and spirit, what would that be? Would it be “Everything is going to be OK, I got this!” or “You’re good enough just the way you are; ” Or maybe it’s “YOU’RE FORGIVEN” or “You matter” or “ I’m with you always.”

Now, close your eyes and imagine the Lord Jesus sitting down beside you. And just like at the Last Supper, imagine yourself leaning in close to the Lord like the Beloved Apostle John did, resting upon Him as he speaks quietly… intimately, telling you exactly what you need to hear.

How does that feel? I hope it feels soothing and comforting or validating and empowering or whatever your heart aches for at this moment. Because that is the life that Christ assures us in Him. It is not that we never have problems, or even deep sorrows, but that in the face of these we are anchored in hope, bundled in love and buoyed by the promise of His faithfulness no matter how hard it gets. Jesus longs for these one to one encounters with us. His Sacred Heart beats for the moments when we “commune with Him” and grow in trust and closeness, just as Peter did when Jesus repeated three times His probing question: ‘Do you love me?’

Jesus wants to restore us through these heart to heart dialogues. He wants to relate to us on the deepest level and meet us wherever we are so that we can be like St. Therese of the Child Jesus who said “I cannot sleep, I am suffering too much so I pray…”

And when she was asked what do you say to Jesus? She replied,

“I don’t say anything. I love Him.”

To be that close to Jesus, without saying a word… that is our invitation. Let Him speak to you now, receive His love AT THIS MOMENT and let your whole life will become a prayer.

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