• Anne Costa

Convenience and Catholicism

Our Catholic religion was never meant to be convenient. So, if you are finding yourself in the midst of a crowd that can fit their beliefs neatly into the mainstream of the culture, if you look around and everybody believes just like you do and if the hardest thing you do all week is get up early on Sunday to go to Mass, then my friend, I can tell you… you are NOT living a Catholic life.

Furthermore if you interpret the beatitudes as just another of way of saying we have to go along to get along; if you find it easy to make excuses for the lifestyles and choices of others that compromise, better yet completely contradict what your religion has said is right, just, noble and infallibly true, than you are making the mistake that Eve did by declaring that you are just as capable as God of making the rules and knowing what is right or wrong.

If you go through a day, a week or a month with virtually no thought of sin,

If you don’t pay the personal cost for moral coherency in your choices at work, at school or among your circle of friends and acquaintances; meaning if being a Catholic hasn’t caused you even a little discomfort, challenge or stretched you in virtue lately, than you are not living as a Catholic in the world today because:

There is no harder thing in the world right now than to be a Catholic.

How will you replace convenience with conviction?

How will you carry the cross instead of caving to comfort?

What is your plan to stand up and truly be the Catholic you are called to be? By the Body and Blood of Jesus you were meant to stand out in a crowd.

Look around… are you?

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