• Anne Costa


Understanding who Jesus is in your head is very different from knowing who He is in your heart. And we get that heart knowledge by slowing down and spending some good, quality, one on one time with Him.

Even if your life is super busy, as mine seems to be these days, I still am eager for my "heart to heart" time with Jesus. Sometimes it's 10 minutes and sometimes it's 2 but when I "tune into Jesus" and share my heart with Him, I always find that he is very, very near.

Learning about Jesus and His life is important because it is the first step in knowing who He is but don't stop there. Be like the apostle John and "lean into Jesus," in an intimate embrace. Jesus won't reject you or judge you. He is tender and His heart is longing for yours!

Jesus will teach you how to trust and accept yourself. He sent His Holy Spirit to be the friend closest to your heart. The Holy Spirit will help you to open your heart more and more to Jesus so that you can be at peace and know true Love. Just ask Him.

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