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The Feast of The Body and Blood of Jesus

is tomorrow... and I hope that you have a special devotion or spiritual celebration planned because this is the absolute power behind our faith, it is the essence of our Truth and the wellspring of life and hope for the whole world.

We are Catholic because we believe beyond doubt and reason that Jesus is divinely and completely PRESENT in what appears to be bread and wine but what HE tells us is His own Body and His own Blood.

Jesus has NOT left us and is always and eternally present in every tabernacle. It was His desire that we be so completely in union with Him that we would receive Him, body, blood soul and divinity at each and every Mass. He revealed this truth at the last supper and we continue to receive Him in communion until He comes again.

He didn't give us a symbol of Himself; He didn't give us a ritual to perform, He gives us His whole and perfect self-- His body and blood ALLELUIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will join others in Eucharistic procession through our city. This is a powerful event of adoration, worship and bringing Jesus TO THE STEETS and the world. It is our commission to do so. IF you have the opportunity to do the same... I urge you to do so.

You were created to ADORE HIM and He is here is all HIs Glory in the Holy Eucharist... that is truly something to celebrate!

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