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Your Gifts and Talents- Advent Reflection

If you think you are somebody without any particular talent… you are wrong! You DO have a particular, unique talent and God is calling you to use it right now, in your present circumstances. If you are not sure what your gift or talent is… it is that thing that fills your soul or activity that you engage in where time stands still and you could do it forever without getting weary. Cooking, building, listening, writing, organizing, negotiating, stewardship, teaching, running, cleaning, preaching… you name it.

Many times we think that God’s gifts are better expressed by others so we hesitate to bring forth our own; or we may depreciate the significance of who we are and what we have to offer simply because we have never been encouraged.

I know someone who was a beautiful painter but could never get past the voice inside her head that told her she was not as good as her mother, so her gift went “un- given” and she remained frustrated and challenged to find meaning in her life. The truth is that if we DON’T share our talents, they may dry up and leave us with that empty “desert feeling” throughout our lives. Have you neglected a gift because you have compared it to another’s?

I also know some people who think that if only they could get another job, have a higher level of education or more training or experience with their gift, then they could offer it. While all of that may be true, how would you know unless you started sharing your talents NOW?

God doesn’t require us to jump through too many hoops when it comes to sharing or expressing our gifts and talents. He enkindles a passion within us to create, give, and share our gifts with love RIGHT WHERE WE ARE. Changing our circumstances will probably only prolong and put off your ability to share your gifts and talents.

I can tell you that my life got so much less complicated when I finally realized that I didn’t have to put my dreams on hold or rearrange my life in order to feel that sense of fulfillment and purpose that comes from sharing my gifts. I just began acknowledging, accepting and expressing my gifts and talents instead of fighting with God about HOW and WHERE and WHAT I should be doing to express them. ( Read- Lord, if only I could be a stay-at-home mom, then I would have the time to write for you!)

And to my deep and profound humble amazement, He has used my gifts to bring glory to Him. It really doesn’t get much better than that so what are you waiting for?? Give Him ( and the rest of us) the gift of your unique and particular talents this Advent. ‘Tis the season to become who you are called to be!

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