• Anne Costa


"Therefore stay awake! For you know not the day or the hour." (Matthew 25:13)

There's alot of good advice for living in the Scriptures but the verse above from today's Gospel is probably one of the most important ones for our times.

That's because there is so much that surrounds us that can distract us or lull us to sleep in our spirits. Busyness, materialism, relativism, narcissism... all of these conditions are inherent to the culture in which we live.

Yet, staying awake means we are called to transcend all that. Here are some questions to ask yourself to see how you are doing...

* When was the last time that you had a real heart to heart talk with God ( that lasted more than five minutes and included time for listening)?

* What motivates you more and directs your actions: getting ahead here or getting to heaven?

*What was the last stance you took against popular opinion that was based on your beliefs as a Christian?

* How often do you consider/care about someone's elses feelings and situation before your own?

Answers to these questions may reveal how AWAKE you truly are and how ready you are for that day or hour when all of this will pass away. I pray that for you and for me that the door will not be locked.

May your soul thirst for the Lord this week, and may your bless him while you live! ( Psalm 63)

Joyfully yours,


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