• Anne Costa

Here's a Quick Fix for Ya...

"I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly"~Jesus

As humans we often fall prey to the promise of quick fixes and magic formulas to solve our problems and make us feel happy and satsified. But today's scripture readings prescribe a promise and means to live a supernaturally abundant life compliments of Jesus Christ... and it just doesn't get any better than that.

Follow this formula and you won't need another one for all eternity:

1) Repent and be baptized

2) Recieve the gift of the Holy Spirit

3) Be patient in your suffering when you are doing good

4) Listen for and follow the voice of Jesus in your life.

These are the four steps to abundance outlined in the readings today. Try following them this week.

Start our by going to Confession, invoke and invite the Holy Spirit into your heart and daily activities. Make an effort to be extra patient and do what is good and right and spend sometime everyday listening for Jesus.

Repeat this the following week and the week after that and you WILL notice a change and transforming grace that will permeate your life and prove all those other "quick fixes" worthless.

Enjoy the abundant life that Jesus wants to give you!

Joyfully Yours, Anne Costa

Let me pray with you:

Lord, help me to distinguish your voice among all of the others in my life. Give me the grace to repent, receive and follow you. Help me Jesus to be patient in doing the right thing even when it costs me because I know that in doing so, I will live a life of abundance in your love! ... Amen.

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