• Anne Costa


Easter is not just the cause of our joy but the cause of our hope, as well.

Because of Easter, we can "place all of our eggs in one basket" that is-- in the Risen Jesus-- with a fervent hope that we will someday be with Him forever in the hereafter. ALLELUIA!!

But Easter also means that our hope can be alive TODAY, in the here and now.

We can hope in the power of God's love to change us and make us brand new... We can hope for second chances and an end to our shame.

We can hope for freedom from our addictions and the enslavement of our sins or the effect of the sins of others upon us.

We can hope for complete victory to conquer our fears (because His perfect love casts out all fear!)

Nobody who believes in Jesus should be afraid to hope; it is our inheritance, passed on to us by the blood of His Holy Sacrifice of Good Friday.

So, let hope be the flame of the Holy Spirit( your HELPER) in your heart. Let it be the incense that lifts your prayers to heaven. Let hope carry you through the suffering and sorrowful times; let hope be God's strength in your weakness.

Hope is our life rope to all of heaven's promises here on earth. This Easter may hope fill you and cover you with the love of our precious Lord. Amen!

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