• Anne Costa

The Best Kind of Healing

The Best Kind of Healing... when we learn along the way. We are often focused on instant results and immediate answers to prayers but the best way is when God teaches us lessons through our life experiences. Whether we are healing from abuse or cancer, loss or disappointment... there is much that is good that can come from it when we are open to the teaching moments that come through the Holy Spirit. Most of the time, God takes His time because a "rush to resolution" will not help us to be transormed by our trials and sufferings. This transformation helps us to transcend our hurts and become more like Jesus. And why woulld we want to be like Jesus? Because it will bring great peace to our souls.

"On the spot" miracles are wonderful and they DO happen. But don't overlook the miracle in the making that God is accomplishing in your life day by day. I believe He is always in the process of healing us, sometimes from conditions of which we are not even aware. Each and every one of us is on a healing journey that began on the day of our birth and will continue until we take our last breath. So embrace the opportunity to learn and grow in wisdom and virtue as you heal one day at a time.

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