• Anne Costa

New Year, New Life

A New Year always brings new hope for change, transformation, discovery.... Our healing and wholing God is always at work within us even when we cannot detect His presence. Because we believe without seeing, we can hope for renewal and restoration as long as we keep an open heart.

How do we do that? Keeping an open heart is not easy. It means that we don't allow ourselves to be numbed by the routine of our days but instead... we start each day with a "fresh pair of eyes" to see the beauty and potential of each encounter.

Keeping an open heart means we don't put our desire on hold for a more convenient time. We let our hearts ache for the dreams that are yet unfulfilled in our lives... we contemplate our longings and make amends with our fears.

Keeping an open heart means that we have not written the final chapter on anything that is left unfinished in our lives or our relationships, that we have not closed the doors of our soul to protect us from life's greatest mysteries or sorrows.

Keeping an open heart will keep us alive, FULLY alive to all that is and all that is yet to be in our lives...

walk the way of the open heart and you will know God.

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