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Freedom... that's what we want, that's what we need. Freedom is what we are called to as followers of Christ. Freedom from the compulsions and addictions that plague us... Freedom from the pain and trauma of the past. Freedom from shame. It's not only what WE want... it is what God wants for us.

We look for answers and relief, we look for help and that's good. PRAY to the Holy Spirit to send you a good guide, mentor, friend or counselor. You should not walk the road to freedom alone... it fact, you probably can't get free without the help of someone else here, being used as God's instrument, to accompany you and to help "pull the bricks off" of your crushed spirit.

If you are caught, and I am aware that the Holy Spirit it drawing people to my website who are truly in bondage, if you are caught in a habit or addiction realize this...


You must not condemn yourself. You must not give up. If you falter, just get back up by putting one step in front of the other to walk away, even just a small distance, from that act or habit or situation that has you bound.

It is not a matter of will power, it is a matter of HOLY SPIRIT power.

One day at a time becomes one hour at a time or one minute and that is OK because Christ is right there with you... walkng beside you... He is neither scandalized or repulsed, He is not furious with you. He is your Help, the Lover of Your Soul. Let Him lead you... HE WILL SET YOU FREE.

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