• Anne Costa


I am in the midst of writing my second book. It is on forgiveness and healing and the whole process of meeting and interviewing people who have endured profound pain and unjust circumstances in life is both spiritually challanging and at times sorrowful. Yet, the consistent message that keeps coming through in every story that is shared is that

GOD'S GRACE CHANGES THINGS... it changes hearts, it changes minds and it changes people's lives.

Don't ask me to define grace because I don't think we can... not really. It is the miraculous touch of God's divine love in our lives... how can you describe or define that? It is a unique experience and expression for each one of us.

All I know is that people who have been bitter, broken, or battered have come to know peace, serenity and joy.

People who have been enslaved, have been set completely free. People who have nearly died in their body or spirit... have had life restored anew.

But it doesn't come easy. God is not a magician. We need to face our pain, go through the valley of death, wrestle with genuine tenacity and desire with our whole hearts to be changed by His grace. We have to do the work of forgiveness and we have to give God permission to heal us in His way, and His time because...

Forgiveness is an inside job. It is not for the ones who have hurt us. As we seek God in the midst of our misery, injustice and pain, it is certain that Grace will change things... but the most amazing thing about His grace is that the change will be within us.

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