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My Soul Magnifies the Lord

If I could spend the rest of my life doing nothing but reflecting to the world the Greatness of God and His Holy Spirit and Beloved Son I would be happy. Let there be less of me and more of Thee is my plea... and the reason I say this is because if everyone could know how much they are loved and cherished by God... then they would want to magnify Him too. To magnify means to make clearer, to make known, to bring into focus... to enlarge. If we live a life each day with the intent to do this... to magnify the Lord and cooperate with his grace, we will be truly happy, we will be at peace... we will know heaven on earth.

God is so good and merciful. He is so loving and meek and humble of heart. The nature of God is love and justice and purity. He keeps His Word... He is constant and trustworthy.

Life is not easy. We will all experience pain, suffering and sorrow-- but NOTHING is too big or bad for God to handle.

He is a Deliverer and a Redeemer. He is a loving Father.

May your soul magnify the Lord and your Spirit rejoice within you today and every day. Amen!

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