• Anne Costa


Last week my computer crashed and I suppose that happens all the time but it is only the third time it has happened to me... Twice while I was writing my last book and LO AND BEHOLD again as I am beginning my next one!!!

I have come to expect that anytime I embark on a project for the benefit of God's Kingdom and especially in ministry to HIs people, I am going to have to contend with some opposition from the "powers and principalities" that hate God and everything that He is about. The Bible talks about these devils and Jesus encountered them in the desert and there is no reason to believe that they don't prowl about even now seeking the ruin of souls.

HOWEVER, there is no reason to fear because GREATER IS HE that is in ME AND YOU... God's got it covered. But it is just another reminder how important and necessary it is for us to pray for one another... I need your prayers!

And I will be praying for you..everyone who reads this too! There are many prayer warrior members on this site who are making a big difference and building up the Kingdom... pray for them too -- We are all in this together!

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