• Anne Costa


I just wanted to let you all know that I tried three times to correct the errors and add content to the last post on the 12 Steps to Inner Peace... and it just wouldn't let me... no matter how hard I tried, the corrections wouldn't stick and it kept going back to the old version. Perhaps there is a spiritual lesson in this! hmy:

I guess the lesson is that by our own power we cannot erase our imperfections or character defects... we are powerless... it takes GOD's grace and the blood of Jesus to make us new and to help us to grow in holiness and overcome our imperfections.... And even then, it may be that our imperfections remain so that "God's power can be made known in our weakness." In any case, we shouldn't get too hung up on what is imperfect within us and around us. Perfection is a judgement call anyway and is slightly different in everyone's opinion... so whose measure of perfection do o you try to meet?

The important thing is that we can offer even our imperfections and errors to God, to use for His glory. He appreciates our efforts. Seek His love, not His approval and all will be well in your world.

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