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Hope is a dynamic virtue and powerful witness... it hangs on to the good

with a holy boldness and spiritual tenacity that is actually "super natural"

because it is infused with heavenly power. That power is always

available to us through a "plug in" to the Holy Spirit.

Which "current" will you tap into today? ... despair or hope...

the choice is always yours.

Hope is not foolish or blind to what is negative or dark. It always acknowledges the reality of these things, but it refuses to give undue attention or power to them. The wisdom of hope is that it knows that Good has triumphed evil and that applying an active faith to life changes things and circumstances.

Active faith is not manipulation or our vain attempts to control other people or outcomes, it is based on our knowledge of the character of God. And faith and hope are fueled by PRAISE which is ignited by LOVE...

Love of God!

Isn't that neat how it all comes full circle?

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