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Q:  Is this accepted by the Catholic Church? 

A:  Yes! Unbound is in keeping with the guidelines set forth by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on Healing Prayer.

Q: How long is an Unbound session?

A: A session can last anywhere from 30-90 minutes.

Q: Do I have to do anything?

A: Yes. The Unbound team will assist you in responding to the Five Keys.Your prayer team is there to guide you in responding to what the Holy Spirit is doing in your heart.  Come to your session prepared to answer one of these kinds of questions: “Where in your life are you feeling stuck?”  "What do you want Jesus to do for you in this session?"

Q: What happens during a prayer session?

A: Every Unbound prayer session has one prayer leader(it is not uncommon that two will work together) and one or two intercessors who will be praying silently for you during the session. The first part of your session is an interview in which you will share with the Unbound leader the area of your life where you feel you need greater freedom. Your team members are there to listen to your story. A leader will also ask you questions related to what you share in order to understand enough of your story to lead you through the Five Keys of Unbound. After your interview, your Unbound leader will review with you the way he/she is going to lead you to pray to ensure that the prayers you say resonate with you. Then, will lead you through the Five Keys. Based on the story you shared, you will be encouraged to make acts of repentance and faith (First Key), acts of forgiveness (Second Key) and acts of renunciation (Third Key). For example, “In the name of Jesus, I forgive my mother for…”, or “In the name of Jesus, I renounce the spirit of pride, stubbornness, anger, etc….” Then, a simple word of command will be given, for example, "In the name of Jesus I command the spirit of pride to to leave, (Fourth Key) and finally, your prayer team will pray  for the Father’s Blessing. (Fifth Key).

Q: Is this "Charismatic healing"? 

A: Yes, in as much as the team members use their God-given charisms, or gifts: wisdom, knowledge, discernment, prayer and healing-to assist in setting the captive free.

Q: Will I be healed?  What if it doesn't "work"? 

A: Jesus tells us that when we are gathered in His name, He is with us and His presence alone is healing. The act of faith involved in entering into healing prayer with others begins a journey of trust and healing, whether we experience it emotionally or not. Your relationship with your heavenly Father will continue beyond the session, as He knows the best means and manner for you to be set free. 

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