Procedures for Sacred Heart Enthronement


Enthroning the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the most important decisions you can make:  you are welcoming Jesus into your home to share deeply in your day-to-day living as King, Brother and Friend.

The Enthronement process may vary according to the needs and circumstances of all those involved.  Yet, there are fundamentals common to all Enthronement, beginning with a deep-seated, burning love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus:


Communication:  contact the Sacred Heart Enthronement Ministry and we will make a time to sit and talk together.

Prayer and Preparation: to welcome Jesus into your home and life

Enthronement: solemn proclamation of Jesus as King, Brother and Friend


  The Process of Enthronement



Contact the Sacred Heart Enthronement Ministry of REVIVE Hope and Healing Ministries, Inc.  Phone 315 628-1713 (state your name-wait for the recording-then leave your message.) 

Email :

One of the Ministry representatives may ask you a few questions to help determine the way(s) we can best help respond to your interests and needs.  We will also schedule a mutually convenient date and time to visit and talk with you about Enthronement in person.  (We generally make two visits prior to your Enthronement date.)


This visit usually lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, and is an opportunity to talk with one another; not a one-way structured presentation.  We want to listen!

 -What led you to want to Enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

 -What is your understanding of Enthronement?

 -What are some ways you think Enthronement would make a difference in your life?

*We provide an overview of Devotion to the Sacred Heart and Enthronement, including:

   History of the devotion and Enthronement


   The Ceremony itself

   Living the Enthronement

*We leave written materials with you.  These will provide a much more                             detailed understanding of Enthronement.   

*We pray with you.  Together we will recite one decade of the Rosary.

*We assign “homework!”

  1 We ask that you contact your parish priest about your wanting to do an Enthronement.  You may want to ask if he would be willing to celebrate Mass, or otherwise officiate, for your Enthronement ceremony.

  2 You will need to obtain a suitable image of the Sacred Heart that you will use to enthrone your home.

  3 Reach out to any family members or friends you would like to invite

*We schedule a date for the 2nd visit.

As always, please call us with any questions!


*We usually schedule this visit to take place approximately 5 days before your Enthronement date; it lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, and affords an opportunity to review your “homework,” and any questions or concerns you may have.

*We discuss the various details of formal preparation and the Enthronement ceremony,  including:

              -The Triduum, lasting 3 consecutive days before the Enthronement

              -The order of events that make up the ceremony

              -The role of the family members, for example, the person

                carrying the blessed Image to the place of Enthronement;

                the person/s proclaiming the readings for the ceremony, etc.

              -Considerations to take into account if Mass is to be celebrated

              -Certificate of Enthronement  


*We bring a special guest!

Namely, a pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima, also known as the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who will stay with you during your final days of preparation to welcome the Sacred Heart of her Son into your household.

*We pray with you as we once more recite one decade of the Rosary together.


The day before we check in with you to confirm you have everything ready and go over any last-minute details.


Artwork courtesy of Tracy Christianson