Sacred Heart Resources



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Upon request we have a comprehensive suggestions


Describes how to enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus in your heart a home to bring the power of Christ into your world

Features Fr. Stash Dailey,  Discusses Enthronement as a sort of marriage between people doing Enthronement and the Sacred Heart.  Fr. Dailey talks about the gift of the Incarnation that enabled Christ to become flesh and experience things as we do in the flesh.

Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, narrated by Msgr. John Esseff

Episode One (referred to in video as SH-V1)  "Introduction to Enthronement of the Sacred Heart,  Part One"


Episode Two (SH-V2) "Introduction to Enthronement of the Sacred Heart,


Episode Three (SH-V3) "The First Gift of the Sacred Heart"


Episode Four (SH-V4) "The Second Gift of the Sacred Heart"


 Also, Msgr Esseff’s website, "Building a Kingdom of Love" for materials for Sacred Heart Enthronement of Jesus:

Chaplet of the Sacred Heart in song by Marty Rotella