Sacred Heart Devotion

What is the devotion and how do we live it out?


Devotion to the Heart of Jesus is not just another devotion. It is not on the same level as any devotion. It is the devotion of devotions. It is the devotion to the love of Jesus, the Incarnate Word of God.

 (taken from the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart by Rev. Francis Larkin)

Living out the Devotion includes:

  • Home Enthronement which is the social acknowledgement of the sovereignty of the Heart of Christ over a family. This is the best way to live the devotion and deepen the devotion.

  • Make a daily offering in the morning of all your “prayers., works, joys and sufferings of the day” to the Heart of Christ

  • Our daily offering should be “in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world.” Attendance at daily Mass whenever possible, in which we recognize the Eucharist as the gift of His heart, is an excellent way to practice the devotion.

  • Make a holy hour on the Thursday night before First Friday at church or at home

  • Make a formal act of consecration to the Heart of Jesus in which you surrender and re-dedicate yourself to the Heart of the Divine King.

  • Seek to cultivate a spirit of reparation to the Heart of Christ in prayer and good works.

  • Attend mass on the First Fridays of each month as our Lord requested and make a communion of reparation in which you thank the Lord for the loving sacrifices of His life.

  • One should become an apostle of the Heart of Christ. (Taken from The Heart of the Redeemer by Timothy O'Donnel)