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Catholic Hope Coach FAQs

How is coaching different from counseling?

As Catholics, three main ways to engage in a helping relationship are through spiritual/life coaching, mental health counseling and spiritual direction. While there are overlapping areas for each, they are distinctive in approach and outcome. 

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Life coaching is future-focused, goal oriented and assumes emotional stability and overall well-being on the part of the participant. It addresses obstacles and distortions in thinking and behaving that keep people from being “the best version of themselves.” Catholic life coaching, in particular, animates the pursuit of virtue in personal transformation to inspire spiritual growth and human flourishing.


How long does it take?

The pace of the coaching is set by the determination and goals of the individual being coached.  Participation is “task oriented” and most often time-limited. It is recommended that an initial commitment of three months is reasonable to thoroughly implement strategies and ensure mind-set resets are achieved. Individual sessions last one hour and can occur on a weekly or every other week basis.


Do I have to do anything?

You and the Catholic Hope Coach will develop and agree on a “prescription plan” of activities that will lead to your stated goals. There may be worksheets, reading recommendations, prayer habits or journaling exercises as part of your plan. The process of coaching requires a level of sustained commitment to steadily move forward by the participant. It will also require an appropriate level of preparation for each session.


What does it cost?

Most coaches charge between $50-$100 per session. Catholic Hope Coaching is available without charge. However, as the participant is able, a donation for services provided to REVIVE Hope and Healing Inc. would be gratefully accepted. That donation is tax-deductible.


What can coaching help with?

Many coaches have specialty areas of experience and focus on topics such as confidence in relationships, vocational success, health and wellness, addictions, and life purpose. Catholic Hope Coaching offers mind-set coaching that equips you with strategies to help you persevere through any kind of personal hardship, obstacle or life transition. The virtue of hope is a powerful tool and a special grace provided by God to help YOU live the life you are longing for.


How do I begin?

You can call the Revive Hope and Healing Ministries, Inc. at (315) 628-1713 and leave a detailed message and Anne Costa -The Catholic Hope Coach, will return your call.   See her bio here.

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