Available Engagement Opportunities: 

Keynotes, Talks, Days or Evenings of Reflection, Retreats, Staff Enrichment or Missions


Healing Promises: Everything You Need to Know about the         Sacred Heart Devotion

 This talk inspires and informs-bringing one of the most traditional, tried and true devotions of the Catholic Church into focus for our modern times.  The Sacred Heart is a refuge and remedy for families today. You will learn the history, the practices and the way in which the Heart of Jesus is ministering to us today.  

Forgiveness and Healing:         God’s Mercy Abounds

Drawing from her book entitled, “Lord I Hurt! The Grace of Forgiveness and the Road to Healing”, Anne will lead a retreat, evening or day of reflection that includes Adoration, healing prayer and/or Sacramental Confession to assist participants on the road to the spiritual freedom God intends through forgiveness. God meets us where we are on this journey, and offers us His merciful assistance in letting go of our hurt, resentment and guilt.

Praying For Those Who Are Addicted: A Mission of Love, Mercy and Hope

Journey with Mary: Our Day by Day Devotion

Addiction is rampant and it is destroying our families and ravaging the foundation of our society. What can we do in the hellstorm of addiction? We can pray with a purpose and learn how to cope and care without getting caught up in the chaos. Anne speaks from personal experience and offers a strong message of hope with practical strategies and a faith-filled approach to cope with an other's addiction.

Mary is the gateway to the kingdom of Love that God wants to establish here on earth and in our hearts. She leads us straight to her

Son and is a Mother for all times and all circumstances.  Learn the role

she plays in our Church on earth and in heaven, and experience the love and compassion she has for us all through stories of the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.



Wisdom For A Woman's Soul

This talk draws from the rich writings and teaching of St. Edith Stein who is a true contemporary "woman's saint". Anne's own spiritual friendship with this saint confirmed everything she knew in her heart about being a woman but never heard anyone talk about. This talk is highly recommended for all women who are seeking deeper meaning and a more authentic expression of their feminine genius to make a difference in our world.

           Got Holiness?              Walking in Authentic    Freedom and Truth

We were created by God, our loving Father for greatness! He has prescribed a perfect plan for us to achieve our spiritual goals and receive our inheritance as beloved sons and daughters.

This talk will lift you up into the realm of “heavenly possibilities” by teaching “down to earth” truths that are both timeless and the foundation of our Catholic faith. God never commands the impossible—you were made to be HOLY.    

Stir into Flame

Identifying our gifts and learning what God wants us to do with them is a life-long occupation. He chooses to use us to build His Kingdom here on earth and equips each one of us in a unique way. Learn the difference between gifts and talents; gifts of the Spirit and charisms. You will come away from this talk with a renewed sense of purpose and “toolkit” for talking it to the next level in your spiritual walk with Jesus.    

Lectio Divina Retreat

A half-day or day long retreat to introduce and immerse participants in the ancient form of “sacred listening” of Scripture known as Lectio Divina. The purpose of Lectio Divina is to inspire a deep encounter with God through His Living Word and the Holy Spirit.

Anne Costa is a proud member of the elite 
Catholic Speakers Organization.