May 1, 2013

"I remind you, to stir into flamethe gift of God that you have through the imposition of my hands. For God did not give us a spirit of cowardicebut rather of power and love and self-control."~~~~~~~~~ The verse above from Paul's Second Letter to Timothy is one of my al...

January 13, 2013

Our Catholic religion was never meant to be convenient. So, if you are finding yourself in the midst of a crowd that can fit their beliefs neatly into the mainstream of the culture, if you look around and everybody believes just like you do and if the hardest thing you...

November 25, 2012

There is no other way to say this except to come right out and say it: BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!... In our world, truth is being twisted at warp speed and what is wrong looks right and what looks right...could be very wrong.

There are many false ministries, apostolates and...

October 20, 2012

... everything is the direct effect of our father's love — difficulties, contradictions, humiliations, all the soul's miseries, her burdens, her needs — everything, because through them, she learns humility, realizes her weakness — Everything is a grace because everyth...

September 16, 2012


Love's Invisible Radiance

By   Father Mark from Vultus Christi September 1, 2012


There are so many tabernacles on earth where I am, for all intents and purposes,

like one buried, hidden, forgotten, and out of sight. My divine radiance is diminished

because there are...

July 7, 2012


Understanding who Jesus is in your head is very different from knowing who He is in your heart. And we get that heart knowledge by slowing down and spending some good, quality, one on one time with Him.



Even if your life is super busy, as mine seems to be these days,...

June 9, 2012


The Feast of The Body and Blood of Jesus


is tomorrow... and I hope that you have a special devotion or spiritual celebration planned because this is the absolute power behind our faith, it is the essence of our Truth and the wellspring of life and hope for the whole w...

June 3, 2012

Well, if you think you have it all figured out... guess again and if you believe you have "arrived"... you have only just begun!  New beginnings are a part of the Christian walk. It is why His mercies are renewed each morning just for us. 

Everytime we walk ou...

December 4, 2011


If you think you are somebody without any particular talent… you are wrong! You DO have a particular, unique talent and God is calling you to use it right now, in your present circumstances. If you are not sure what your gift or talent is… it is that thing that fills...

November 6, 2011


"Therefore stay awake! For you know not the day or the hour." (Matthew 25:13)


There's alot of good advice for living in the Scriptures but the verse above from today's Gospel is probably one of the most important ones for our times.

That's because there is so much that...

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